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oZm hardware

Hi there!!! Greetings from Almeria, a wonderful place in the Southeast of Spain. This is the blog for the project openZmeter (oZm) and will be used to share and document its progress.

The oZm project is an opensource initiative of the University of Almeria and the University of Granada to build a professional grade hardware for electric energy metering and power quality analysis. It was born several years ago with a main idea behind it: to help people understand their patterns usage and visualize the quality of the supplied power. Take a look at the main site here.

A wiki has been also created to share all of our knowledge during the past years.

Stay tuned for the updates and join our community!!

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  1. Hello,
    I work with the Electric Power Research Institute in the Power Quality Monitoring and Energy Efficiency group. I frequently test and evaluate power quality monitors and work with developers of open source platforms that are tackling this exciting technology. We would love to evaluate the OpenZmeter and work with your team to grow the technology and improve the capabilities of low cost open source monitoring.


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