New version v2.0 released

We are excited to announce the new improved version of oZm v2.0. In this new version, major enhancements have been made to most of the basic modules, resulting in a much more stable and improved system.

Operating system

The first major change has been to switch the operating system from Debian to OpenWRT. This change has been motivated by the improved management of the WiFi module as well as the greater stability in the connection allowed by OpenWRT. Now, oZm takes up much less disk space and the necessary packages are better managed. In previous versions, we have had a lot of problems with the NetworkManager that ships with Debian, which caused a lot of disconnections and crashes. Also, we have found that many modern routers do not adequately support certain Linux systems and this means that the web is not accessible under certain circumstances.

Web redesign

The website has been completely redesigned. It is now more intuitive and better organized. Additional information regarding system properties (RAM, signal strength or temperature) has been added. In addition, some views have been reorganized and new ones have been added.

New Tariff module

One of the important achievements has been the creation of the tariff module. Thanks to this module it is now possible to get the cost of the consumed energy in real time according to the electricity tariff defined by the user. For example, in Spain it is possible to define the typical 2.0DHS tariff (hourly discrimination) for a typical house.

Stay tuned for new enhancements like the three-phase ozm launch!