Upgrade firmware for old oZm versions

The old versions based on Debian images can be upgraded to newest based on OpenWRT. The procedure is simple, but be very careful!. 😛

WARNING: All your information will be lost!!!

  • Uncompress and flash the .img.gz file on a microSD.
  • Power off the ozm and remove the power supply.
  • Extract the NanoPI board from ozm (double check that you’ve removed the power).
  • Insert the microSD into the NanoPI board.
  • Power the NanoPI from a microUSB charger (5V)
  • The update process will start… wait until all LEDs are off (It will take a while).
  • Power off the NanoPI and remove the microSD.
  • Finally, insert the NanoPI board into the ozm and turn the power back on

If everything went well, you can reconfigure the device using Bluetooth access.