New ozm3 three-phase version

After a quite busy period of tests and trials, the new version of openzmeter in its three-phase variant is here. Its development is a major step forward towards the reinforcement of the project and we believe that it will allow us to reach a larger number of people.

Following the same philosophy as in single-phase ozm (now called ozm1), the use of ozm3 is not limited by software or hardware, so it can be used in any type of low voltage electrical installations (up to 400V line voltage). We are able now to measure almost any current. This particular characteristic is one of the great new features of the ozm3, since now no shunt resistor is used, but the current is measured through toroidal or Rogowski probes (see the datasheet for characteristics).

Comparison: ozm1 (left), ozm3 (center) and circuit breaker (right)

A lot of improvements have been carried out in the hardware design. The device can measure any three-phase 4-wire system but can also measure 4 single-phase circuits simultaneously. At the software level it is now possible to define virtual analyzers, so that channels can be added or subtracted as in the same way as an oscilloscope. Of course, the original ozm features are still there, and even improved.

  • Extensive system of electricity tariffs that allows country-specific customization.
  • Powerful power quality analyzer.
  • API for developers.
  • High sampling rate
  • Data aggregation
  • Alert system and event management
  • Telegram integration.

We hope you like and enjoy it. Any questions you have the forum at your disposal.

The ozm team.