New ozm3 three-phase version

After a quite busy period of tests and trials, the new version of openzmeter in its three-phase variant is here. Its development is a major step forward towards the reinforcement of the project and we believe that it will allow us to reach a larger number of people. Following the same philosophy as in single-phase

New version v2.0 released

We are excited to announce the new improved version of oZm v2.0. In this new version, major enhancements have been made to most of the basic modules, resulting in a much more stable and improved system. Operating system The first major change has been to switch the operating system from Debian to OpenWRT. This change

Paper published in journal Sensors (MDPI)

This is the second specific paper on the openzmeter device. It describes in detail its hardware architecture and provides measurements in a real scenario. Likewise, a comparison is made with commercial and professional devices that reveals the accuracy of the measurements obtained according to international standards. Cite as: Viciana, E.; Alcayde, A.; Montoya, F.G.; Baños,

First scientific paper published

The openZmeter team is completely delighted again. Recently, a new scientific article has been published in the prestigious journal Sustainability edited by MDPI. Our Ph.D. Student Eduardo Viciana did a great job and the result is his first international paper entitled “OpenZmeter: An Efficient Low-Cost Energy Smart Meter and Power Quality Analyzer”.   It is open