oZm Three-phase

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The openZmeter three-phase (oZm3) is our new improved ozm for three-phase networks. Ready for home or industrial installations. It can measure up to 320 VAC or 440VDC line voltages. Current measurements depending on selected current probes (rogowski, current transformer, etc). See datasheet for details.


openZmeter V2 – Product Brief



openZmeter (oZm) is an opensource system aimed to help people to analyze and visualize power quality and electric energy in power networks. It has been designed to comply with international standards such as IEC 61000-4-30 and EN 50160 with a very reduced form factor (just a cigarette packet!!)

It has been designed to comply with international standards such IEC 61000-4-30 and EN 50160. It can measure single or three phase system (85 to 320VAC) with an accuracy up to 0.1%. DC systems and nominal frequencies of 50 and 60Hz are also supported and can be measured with resolution up to 10 mHz. Different current probes can be used (current transformer, hall effect, Rogowski and others) as long as they comply with the allowed input voltage levels.


  • Power quality analysis and recording
  • Power consumption monitoring
  • Problem detection in power lines and installations
  • Green energy generation monitoring
  • Power billing services
  • Perform complete studies for electrical systems.
  • Smart grid monitoring

openZmeter V2 – Product Brief